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Growing Up

I would not be who I am today if I hadn’t run through the Kansas prairie, built tree houses and wild forts, had my own little garden, created drawing after drawing and had many adventures with my four siblings. I honestly think we had the most blessed and enchanted childhood. Most of this credit goes to my parents – strong, creative, experimental, devoted and above all the most loving two people. When I say blessed I mean that we were lucky to have a healthy family, enough money to get by and always good food on the table. When I say enchanted I mean just that. We had boxes and chests full of dress up clothes, wild teepees on the prairie, tree houses among a thousand apple blossoms, animals of every sort (including a preening Peacock and hedgehog) and afternoon tea time that usually included specialties like Lazy Daisy Cake and Creme Puffs. But the most amazing thing that shaped my life has been free time. We kids were unschooled and with that choice came endless time to do with as we pleased. There was never formal sit-down-and-learn-time, but more of run-outside-and-see-what-you-discover-time. It was great!

Studio 1

These Days

Now I am a wife, mother of three children and an Artist. My love for drawing and creating started as a child and has never stopped and I consider myself completely self-taught by the big wide world. Along the way I studied ballet intensively and became a dance teacher, married a Canadian (had to go all the way to Italy to meet, and would do all over again!), moved to Vermont (my dream land), had a beautiful son, moved to Canada (not my dream land, but I’m working on it). These days I garden, cook meals, clean up after my family and do most of the things a stay-at-home Mama does. During all of this household busy time I’m always thinking about my next art project. Maybe it’s an idea from a daydream, maybe the way the geese landed on the water, maybe the stones along the sidewalk, the sun shinning off my son’s hair or my daughter’s new rosy smile. There is always a painting waiting to happen.

Studio 2

Photography by Meghan Sheffield