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Our Adventures in Homeschooling – October

Although I’ve always known we’d be on the path to homeschooling, this year we really got down to business and made a commitment to this way of life. Our kids Luca (age 7), Rose (age 5) and Remi (age 2) explore life and learn every day through reading, imagination, play, and time spent together and with our community. We are documenting our experience here. Enjoy!


This month I asked the kids if they would like to choose a theme for a week of study and exploration.

Luca’s choice was “Soccer” and Rosie’s choice was “Mermaids”!

My sister Betony made these cute little books with her kids, so we thought we’d do the same. Luca’s tiny book was called “About Argentina Soccer Players” and listed his favorite player Lionel Messi. We haven’t finished the books completely, so it will be a nice project to pull out on a rainy day.

img_1940 img_1944

Here is Rosie’s book. Very soccer themed as you can see!


Luca and I also created a mini stop-action soccer game with his Lego. We had such a fun time doing this project and sharing it with his friends!

Rosie’s Mermaid Week:

Here is a merman that Luca colored – they were both very specific that the merfolk have scales and always for Luca, a trident.

img_2306 img_2302

Rosie colored this Little Mermaid in her journal after we read Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid”.  Even though it is such a sad story, the kids really got into it, listening intently. We later looked up the statue of The Little Mermaid in Denmark.



We listened to “The Proof of Mermaids” on Stories Podcasts (iTunes)


Luca’s Lego creations:

img_1936 img_2297

One day Luca asked if he could use my phone to take pictures in his room – I later found lots and lots of pictures just like this!


Drawing and Journal Keeping:

img_1926img_2787 img_2789 img_2790 img_1958 img_2474

A lot of what the kids color are drawings that they request me to create. Fast cars, knights and “girl cars”.

img_2521 img_2520 img_2519

Letter Writing:



Luca loves math! I’ll ask him to do a couple pages and he’ll say “Can I do the whole book?”! Rose on the other hand would always rather color!



Outside Explorations and Activities:

The kids raised money this year for cancer during the Terry Fox run – it was such a great experience for them and they sold out!


Here is Rose hanging out with me during one of my dance company rehearsals. All the kids love coming to the studio and being in the big space, dancing to the music and generally causing havoc!


This was a wonderful outing to Presqu’ile Park


Remi at the base of the lighthouse

img_2030 img_2014

Luca’s journal entry of Remi up on top of a rock by lake Ontario


Cider making at Sandy’s family’s farm


About to enter the annual corn maze

img_2292 img_2379 img_2378 img_2376

A visit to Northumberland Players Costume House


Halloween spiders-alive! at the Cobourg Library Homeschooling Friends grp



Rose has been loving the Little House on the Prairie series. They are so peaceful and gentle.


This is a book that I picked up at the thrift store that they kids loved! Three children and their uncle travel around the world in this bamboo balloon house meeting all different kinds of animals and seeing almost every continent.


I read this to Remi one afternoon – no wonder it is a Caldecott Honor book. It beautifully sets a picture of welcoming the day through different cultures.


Here is a fun riddle book that we enjoyed. Short riddles with lovely simple black and white illustrations. Luca especially was into the challenge.


This Lisbeth Zwerger book I had never seen before. The kids thought it was quite funny! And I really enjoyed the art!


We are still working through this one, but Luca always enjoys mystical creatures and it caught his eye right away.


As spooky as this one was, the kids were really into it and wanted to read it again!


Such a great classic folk tale:


Rose is really into princesses, so this was her pick for a bedtime story.


And then Rose turned 5!!!!


Baking and Play:

img_2077 img_2196


This month Luca started electric guitar lessons! Here we are picking out his first guitar!

img_2293 img_2295 img_2396

Here we are at Luca’s lesson


Chores and Creatures for loving:

Luca has the chore of watering and feeding the chickens every morning. Remi and Rose are the egg gatherers and we all are falling in love with these funny ladies.

img_2513 img_2515


Luca and I made a Transformer mask with cardboard and lots of duck tape! We later spray painted it a glossy blue.


An example of the kids decorations


Family pumpkin lineup!


Repunzel, Pumpkin and Transformer









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