New Art! . New Booth!

This year I’m changing things up. For almost ten years I’ve enjoyed my corner booth in the Lions art tents at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival. But this year I’m changing things up and opening up a sparkling new booth in the Rotary tents! I’m going to miss the breeze off the lake, but I’ve been having a lot of fun designing a whole new booth and new paintings to hang in it too! Here are a couple of new pieces that I’ll be bringing next weekend!

Baby Love

“Baby Love”

The Owl Field

“The Owl Field”

Lion Parade

“Lion Parade”

Making a Fairy Door

I am joining forces with the fairies! And sometimes with the amount of dishes and laundry edging me out of house and home, I wish I could do just that! But maybe this wee door that I’ve been painting will do just the trick and tuck me away in a magical little world for a small vacation!

This is the Homes, Gardens, Music and Fairy Door Tour! Check it out:

Here are some moments in the process of Fairy Door creation! With compliments to Meghan Sheffield for her serious camera skills!

IMG_5594 IMG_5610 IMG_5617 IMG_5640 IMG_5645 IMG_5651 - Version 2 IMG_5659 IMG_5661 - Version 2 IMG_5681