The way we lived in January 2019

January 2019


Rose at the lightbox

Luca and Rose sharing the light

Working on a pinball Tinker Crate project

It worked!


Out into the woods with friends


The first good snow

Milkweed pods along the rock beach on my daily run

Three swingers

Luca practicing his archery


Getting outside sometimes has it’s ups and downs

Luca hitting the mark

From my sketchbook


I like archery too!

Lila getting the laundry loaded… or unloaded

This hat will always be something else

Teatime for littles


Rose at Kids in Nature. She made her own mat.

And a lovely sign

Playing with art supplies

Party shakers that Rose invented and name tags for the said party.  There is always a party…

Big and little dress up girls

Making Limeade

Laughing at the computer

Rose made dividers for her coins

Rose at ballet class

Rose’s portrait that I finished in December 2018


Luca at basketball


What homeschooling doesn’t usually look like

Remi is such a gamer… cards, boardgames… any game will do. From sunup to sundown.

Our messy lovely life

Early morning runners

Out for a sled on a cold day

Lila had a cozy sleep on the way home.  And that was a hard day.  But it was good too.





To Barbados and Back with a Family of Six

Right after Christmas we adventured to Barbados and back with lots of help from the grandparents! We explored Toronto beforehand and had an incredible time in Barbados, splashing in pools and waves, visiting family, playing lots of cards and experiencing a new-to-us corner of the world. Already dreaming about our next travel adventure…

Adventuring at the Royal Ontario Museum pre flight

Checking out the University of Toronto campus

About to experience Mother’s Dumplings in Chinatown

Waking up to sun and wind in Barbados

Nothing like running to the pool

Up on the windy cliff over the Atlantic

Enjoying the hammocks at Cutters restaurant



Grandpa Bill playing his clarinet like a pro at Cutters

Meme and Rose deep in conversation

Exploring with family on their land

Going down to the trampoline

Before the tractor ride

Pre-ride picture. Sandy and the older three rode in the front bucket and Lila and I rode in the cab

Across the fields and into the valley

Heading out the front door to the pool

Finding a secret place with cousins

I loved these tropical windows

A giant bonfire

Just dragging a giant leaf

This land reminded me of Kansas in many ways

A ride back to the house

The most beautiful pool at the Craine Resort

Enjoying the waves and sand at the Craine


About to eat Roti

Checking out a flattened frog


Rose’s collection

Tired beach babies

We played a lot of tennis in the cool of morning

Balcony treats

A day to snorkel and explore on the quiet side of the island

A favourite seaweed side


Keeping up with art poolside

Playing the Three Amigos at the pool

A last family picture before we headed home

What we did in December 2018

Sandy and Luca went to a TFC game in Toronto

Luca (#7) and his buddy working on their soccer skills

Luca has been playing basketball every weekend

What most nights look like after the lights are out

The kids raised money for the Terry Fox run with lots of pink lemonade!

Remi turned 5! He asked for Lemon Meringue Clouds as his birthday cake

Pre-bedtime play

Just doing some evening scrubbing…

We are part of a wonderful homeschool book club. This month the cousins hosted with their book Fanny at Chez Panisse



This was the lovely menu. Designed by our cousins with options provided by all the book club families.

Off to the Post Office with these four

Remi trying out his birthday bow and arrow


All spruced up for our friend’s annual Solstice celebration

Stringing popcorn and cranberries – a family tradition that we always did with my grandparents

Christmas morning with these bright eyes

Christmas day run on the beach

Bedtime story – celebrating the life and loves of Sandy’s dad