Our summer days of golden light

Our summer was brimming with goodness, exploding (literally) with sweetness, and gathered together around golden days with friends and family. Here is proof that we did it together.

A gorgeous chrysalis that our neighbor dropped off. We watched it transform before our eyes and it flew off quickly on a warm summer day.  If ever there was proof of Lothlorien this green and gold magic is it.

Lila Wren at the perfect soccer field point, where we spent many an evening.

Rose had a fabulous summer on the soccer field (as did Remi and Luca!) – complete with Hawaiian flowers in her hair.

Rose’s many layers of skirts were inspired by one of our favourite books “The Good Master”,  stories of farm life, family and seasonal celebrations on the Hungarian plaines.

In the far distance are four little sailing boats. It was Learn to Sail camp for Luca, his buddies Arlo and Quin and for the last day cousin Lucy! While Lila and Remi play in the sand.

There they are!

The boat lineup for the day

The last day of the 2-week course: Quin, Arlo, Luca and Lucy

Rose and her cousin Theo had a great time at a cooking course at Headwaters Farm. They made a wonderful salad and loved the baby goats.

Maybe the highlight of Rose’s summer camp experience – Journey Through the Arts: art, acting and music! She and Theo loved it so much, especially the end-of-the-week under the sea play!

Lila Wren : fairy child

Rose lost another tooth and found this tooth fairy doll under her pillow

Letter writing and receiving letters (especially from cousin Eliza!) are a big part of this girl’s life

The girls playing in the studio

The epic raspberry jam explosion. It was sad and dramatic! We’re still not sure what we learned…

One of my favourite pieces of Rosie art… the wind, the hair, the leaves and animals.

Lila Wren : fairy child at the cash

Rose and I made some dilly beans

This sign designating Rose’s Chair survived for several weeks

Pop-up cards and paper dolls by Rose

Luca, Lucy and Arlo off to deliver the neighborhood papers

Perching on edge at Crowe River

Braving the suspension bridge with the Coons cousins

My sister Betony and I started “Glam the Chaos” photos : when things get really crazy with the kids and you might be about to lose it, take a picture and laugh instead!  This was the moment that the bedroom was covered in glitter and Bet and I discovered why the kids had been so entertained for so long! You can’t see the glitter well in the picture, but I’m still finding it months later!

Sandy and Papa enjoy the beach after ice cream

Our annual summer cottage week in Haliburton

On the way to Vermont we stopped at Ausable Chasm

On the ferry from NY to Burlington, VT

Church Street, Burlington – we made sure we climbed on every rock along the street

Aunty was a hit with everyone, but especially this moment with Lila and the flying fish

We met up with friends in Waitsfield and swam in the Mad River, made apple snowmen and after had a fabulous dinner at Flatbread Pizza

At the entrance of Allis Park before ascending the fire tower

On the Brookfield Floating Bridge over Sunset Lake (which is 200 feet deep in some places – we had a debate about this). I have a picture of myself as a baby on this bridge with my grandparents and their sheep dogs in the early 80s that I would love to dig up.

We jumped out of the van into this beautiful hayfield for a sunset picture after leaving the Mad River valley

En route back to Cobourg from Vermont we stopped at the incredible Brockville train tunnel. You can walk all the way though it as music and lights play. It was quite magical.

The end of the summer saw us all snuggled under blankets in Victoria Park enjoying this fabulous musical production of Midsummer Night’s Dream