April Adventures

Although I’ve always known we’d be on the path to homeschooling, this year we really got down to business and made a commitment to this way of life and we’re so glad we did! Our kids Luca (age 8), Rose (age 5) and Remi (age 3) explore life and learn every day through reading, imagination, play, and time spent together and with our community. We are documenting our experience here. Enjoy!

And suddenly April has come and gone like the wind!  Around here April is a birthday month, so there were lots of lovely celebrations going on – most notably Luca’s 8th birthday and my Mom’s surprise birthday celebration in Colorado that Luca and I travelled down to.  Sandy held down the fort with Remi, Rose, Phoebe and the chickens.  Easter was celebrated in Canada and Colorado and the Easter Bunny made the rounds!

Luca and Rose sorted our ever growing cupboard of board games and puzzles.  We have a vintage copy of Masterpiece, a wonderful art world auction game that was one of my favorites growing up.

We played Sleeping Queens card game in CO and it quickly became a favorite at home too – especially for Remi!  He has probably asked to play it every morning, after breakfast, every afternoon and before bed for about two weeks straight.  I may have hidden it for a brief period.  But it is a great game and with such cute illustrations too!

This month’s sewing project was a Jedi Cloak for Luca

Luca and his buddy Quin love creating these Jedi/Sith battles on paper – I love their squiggly creations! They will spend hours working on these layouts and playing the battles between good and evil.

Rose working on some Easter egg creations for her friends – she does a lot of these little friend envelopes… unfortunately not all of them actually get to her friends, but I think it the process of making sure each friend receives a little drawing and envelope with their name on it that she really loves.  Now it is my job to help them too follow through… that is the hardest part somehow.

Rose’s rain clouds

One lovely sunny afternoon the kids made a Nature Store out of the lemonade stand

While turning over straw bales in the garden we found a beautiful little toad

This month our read-aloud bedtime book was The Tale of Despereaux

Rose enjoying some quiet drawing time in the hammock while the chickens wait for worms to be tossed through their fence

This isn’t a very good picture, but this is Luca’s favorite climbing Variegated Willow beside our house. I love how he gets lost in it’s thin little branches and is in a world of his own making. It’s nothing elaborate, no giant tree, but just right for a young boy and his imagination.

Luca lost another tooth and found this little note with a $2 coin under his pillow

Remi was all smiles during his first haircut!

Having some one-on-one time with Papa

We attempted shaving cream and food color Easter eggs, but they were a little underwhelming. The best part was playing in the smooth cream and creating peaks and twists of foamy color

My beautiful mother had a fancy birthday this month and the family surprised her with an extravagant trip to Denver, dinner out at Acorn and a lovely night at The Brown Hotel! Isn’t she lovely!

Luca and I on our way to Colorado – It was a rare treat for me to travel with just one child!

Family dinner in the back yard at my sister Betony’s.  Betony is my sister-in-crime in all things homeschooling! And as often as we long to be just blocks away instead of hundreds of miles, we talk on the phone almost every day and share ideas, triumphs and tears of the day with 3 and 4 kids… and every moment I’m so grateful that she is my sister!

One of my favorite places – in the kitchen with my sisters Betony and Willow!

Betony and her fourth little one – all-smiles-all-the-time Arlo!

Luca putting together his birthday present – a Star Wars rebel ship

Easter morning with the cousins

Funny faces at an Easter egg hunt photo booth

The annual Easter egg dying


Documenting this fourth little person inside! About 28 weeks here

Growing up it was always a special treat when mom got out the Ukrainian egg decorating kit.  Delicate wee tools are used for scooping up bees wax, heating the little wands over a flame and then letting the wax flow out of the tip and onto your egg.  After every pattern of wax you dip your egg in dye and do another layer of wax.  After all the layers are done you gently heat your egg over the flame or in the oven and melt off all of the wax.  What’s left is so delicate and your whole house smells like bees wax!

My dad and Luca working through all of the levels of Camelot Jr. – a lovely little wooden strategy game where you try to make a pathway with the knight to the princess

The beautiful lobby of the Brown Hotel in Denver

Denver city art

On the grounds of the Denver Art Museum

Mask making display inside the museum

My dad explaining the evolution of life to Luca

Double Mocha Cake following our family tradition for my birthday – complete with a kid-decorated top!

Luca and little Harriet enjoying a quiet game playing time at the coffee shop

He is a monkey!

Last night in CO celebration with Old Fashioned Sodas!

Luca’s big bike birthday present!

Working on light saber favors for Luca’s party!

It was an epic birthday battle that lasted about two hours!

Little helper bringing out the cupcakes

Blowing out the candles on Apple Hand Pies – with sprinkles of course!

And lastly a goodnight picture – what many of our pre-bedtime evenings look like








So long March

Although I’ve always known we’d be on the path to homeschooling, this year we really got down to business and made a commitment to this way of life and we’re so glad we did! Our kids Luca (age 7), Rose (age 5) and Remi (age 3) explore life and learn every day through reading, imagination, play, and time spent together and with our community. We are documenting our experience here. Enjoy!

In March we were all about Egypt! Ancient Egyptian games, weapons, attire, stories and enough bits and pieces to make it feel like something substantial without losing the spark.  And speaking of the spark…

I’ve discovered a few homeschooling mothers/pioneers that I just adore: The Homeschool Sisters and Julie Bogart. I’ve been listening to their podcasts and down-to-earth advice and guidance while fixing dinner or during our afternoon quiet time.  Listening to these women talk about their own journeys, the magic of childhood and the trials and joys of raising children has been incredibly helpful for me in these past few months of full days with three energetic children and one on the way.  Today I am especially inspired by Julie Bogart and what she calls “Enchanted Education” – which basically is this: giving our children space and pause in which to cultivate magic.  That learning does not necessarily fit into a box or need to look like education.  Following the magic, the enchanted path with your kids is all you really need.  As Julie says, “Sometimes the most sacred moments in our days with our children show no outward educational value.”

This video and live conversation about Enchanted Education is really wonderful!! The video clip has a bit of an introduction while she sets up and says hello, but when she gets going I absolutely LOVE her insights.

Watch it here

And so on to March…

Here is the gang painting away on arm bands and other Egyptian weaponry

I maybe had the most fun with the necklaces, getting lost in all those dots and dashes!

Luca’s arm bands

Rose modeling the necklace

Rose’s Egyptian eyes, which she decided she didn’t like at all and went instead for the pink princess look further below

A Remi Bat!

Luca with his god of the dead jackal mask and rose with her cat mask.

Luca painting his jackal mask – it really turned out great!

Luca always loves making swords, shields and anything having to do with armor.  I remember him saying that the Egyptian armor is “awesome!” and that it might be his favorite.

Rose coloring an Egyptian princess

One of our favorite books this month was a great find at the thrift store called “Temple Cat” by Andrew Clements

Playing the ancient game of Senet!

Senet was a lot more fun than even I had imagined it would be! So we decided to make our own board with Star Wars characters (of course!), but it is still in the works as I write this…

Library Friends is always a good time – one week in March was all about maple sugaring and the native names for syrup, tree and house.  The kids made a beautiful sugar bush forest with wee sap buckets!

Outdoor Adventures – this month the kids were able to join a nature mentor and a bunch of their buddies on the land of a good friend – exploring the forest, building a fire and generally having a wonderful time in the woods!

Bird watching from our window

Time to plant seeds!

They are up!

We love our weekly Art Hive afternoon! Free form art exploration and general playing (usually involving forts under the table) are always a great way to finish off the week!

Checking out the cool clear tape people at Art Hive

Luca is really enjoying the piano app

It is great to see them helping out each other on a sleepy morning

Nothing like a pop-up band and march thru the house!

Don’t ever throw out rubber bands or cardboard! They become so many creations complex and simple

Sandy and Rose adding in the little letters to our alphabet poster

Remi using the ipad to match letters on the poster

More color wheels happened!

We were invited to a friend’s house for a Literary Lunch! We were asked to pick a book and bring food corresponding to that story.  We chose one of the Little House books and packed a picnic of bread, butter, cheese and hard boiled eggs. But of course we had to imprint patterns on our butter just like Ma does! The kids found lots of great little bits and pieces to pattern with – mostly Lego!

R2D2 face plants

Rose’s pizza box drawing that I just can’t part with – pizza grease stains and all!

Going out to the compost bins

Rose’s Art

Poetry Teatime with Lazy Dazy Cake and poems about teapots

Playing a very looong game of Risk – can you see how tired we are! But the kids loved it!

All about the enchanted play…








February is more than it seems

Although I’ve always known we’d be on the path to homeschooling, this year we really got down to business and made a commitment to this way of life. Our kids Luca (age 7), Rose (age 5) , Remi (age 3) and a wee one in the oven (due in July 2017) explore life and learn every day through reading, imagination, play, and time spent together and with our community. We are documenting our experience here. Enjoy!


As I write this it is March and life in winter (in Canada) is looking up! March has that calendar date that says “First Day of Spring”, there is March break to look forward to when we get to see Sandy all day every day for a whole week, seed catalogues to dream through and hopefully some real warm weather before too long! But back in the midst of February we were all feeling a little like a ship lost at sea. The kids were bouncing off the walls or walking around like zombies repeating over and over “I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored… “. I on the other hand felt deflated, uninspired and unmotivated to get us going on anything.  As a homeschooling mother this is a pretty hard place to be in.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to help our children be productive, to nurture their emotional state, to help them accomplish something worthwhile every day.  As homeschooling parents, we are accountable for not only the health, happiness and well-being of our children, but for their education as well.  We knew from the beginning that this was what we were signing up for and made that choice with a happy heart! But living with this choice on a day-to-day existence can be a pretty big weight to carry. I especially feel that weight if I’m feeling uninspired myself.  That in turn seems to easily transfes to my kids and our household.  When I’m in that place I try and remember that the hours upon hours of unstructured time are incredibly beneficial for the kids and that their free play is a huge part of their education of becoming a human.  The key (I think!) is attempting to maintain balance, while not beating yourself up for “unproductive” time.  This so called unproductive time may instead be a time of ideas germinating, ideas bubbling under the surface and a pause before the next flurry of production – and all of this is good and needed in our lives.  From these pictures I realize that we did more in Feb than I thought we did and I want to honor those those moments that felt so hard at the time.  We didn’t do much math, we didn’t do much writing or spelling in Feb, but we did plays games, make things and had many hours of freedom. It was a good month.


Here is Remi trying out the interior of our Shadow Puppet Theatre. We led the Library Friends program for a week in February – our theme was Ground Hog Day.  We created this little box theatre at home, took it into the library and had a wonderful time making shadow puppets together.  All of the kids seemed really into it and it felt magical to turn off the lights and light up the little theatre and see their creations come alive. These are the moments that feel right.  There wasn’t a lot of direction (the kids were choosing body/animals parts for their puppet, adding extra arms or accessories, gluing them together on popsicle sticks and then heading across the room to check out their creations in the theater.  I’m always trying to find creative thinking projects for the kids that aren’t all about following directions and creating a cookie cutter experience.  This project seemed to be just right for creativity to flow.


Here is Rose painting the Stage Right door

img_7618 img_7619

Remi exploring the paint!


Adding some column detail

img_7620 img_7615

Whoa! They both fit inside!


Trying out the puppets!


Valentine’s Day crafting!


We wove some Danish Hearts

img_7633 img_7636

We also made Danish Heart Baskets with fabric


And attempted paper roses… I had a vision of gathering a bunch of branches and decorating a table tree with the paper roses, but they were pretty delicate and rolled out of their shape easily.  Hopefully we will do this for another celebration – when I was little I remember making lots of these centerpiece trees celebrating birthdays or holidays.


The kids and I made a fabulous snow fort in the back yard


We played lots of games! This is the all time favorite Labyrinth 

img_7712 img_7710

Rush Hour is one of our newest additions and Luca has already zoomed through all of the levels!


Set was one of my childhood favorites and it is still wonderful!


Just like his Papa, Luca is a Monopoly master


Winter at the cottage was a highlight!

img_7661 img_7692

Snowball fight in short sleeves!

img_7690 img_7686

Always building Lego!

img_7731 img_7732 img_7733

Here the kids are putting their Sky Quilts together. For about nine days Luca and Rose documented the color of the winter sky and wrote it down in their journals.  We then found fabric to match their colors and made quilts out of their observations! I loved how there were lots of different levels to this projects – being outside and observing our winter skies, deciding on colors, writing down their findings, cutting and pinning together fabric and learning to use our sewing machine!

img_7637 img_7721 img_7722 img_7724 img_7723 img_7727 img_7640 img_7728 img_7730









January Homeschooling Adventures – To China and Back Again

Although I’ve always known we’d be on the path to homeschooling, this year we really got down to business and made a commitment to this way of life. Our kids Luca (age 7), Rose (age 5) and Remi (age 2) explore life and learn every day through reading, imagination, play, and time spent together and with our community. We are documenting our experience here. Enjoy!

This month we are studying China… but before heading to the other side of the world, here we are exploring the incredibly beautiful Mushroom Rock State Park in Kansas. I explored these rocks many-a-magical-time growing up and it was delightful to see my kids and their cousins finding that same magic among the majestic prairie rocks.

img_7470 img_7469 img_7502 img_7499 img_7483 img_7475

…on to China! Here is our dragon for the Chinese New Year in the making:

img_7591 img_7590 img_7593 img_7601 img_7605

The kids filmed me doing a dragon dance:

The kids loved the idea of creating a Chinese garden with all of the traditional elements present: a building, water, a bridge (Lego of course!), flowers (fake, but look pretty good!) and trees (branches snapped off of our Magnolia tree).

img_7613 img_7614

Can’t do China without noodles!


We are so lucky to have family around us who are happy to lend a hand in our homeschooling exploration – here is Aunt Mary sharing Chinese numbers with us – Rose trying out some number writing on the Buddha board!

img_7584 img_7587 img_7586

Luca capturing some Chinese characters in his journalimg_7567 img_7568 img_7569

We also enjoyed a wonderful morning with Meme and Grandpa Bill – diving into pictures and stories from their travels in China and family history (Sandy’s great grand parents spent a good deal of time in China and Sandy’s grand mother was born there).


Sampling some traditional teaimg_7572

Sandy’s Aunt Eleanor and her mother (the kid’s great great grandmother) in Chinaimg_7573

Hand painted bottles from Meme and Grandpa Bill’s travelsimg_7563

We had a wonderful Chinese New Year party! Here is the invitation:


Rosie’s Chinese princessimg_3703

Luca has really been enjoying The Magic Tree House series and this one seemed fitting!img_3609

Some other lovely books that we found at the library. Our favorite was The Story About Ping of course!img_7630

A section of Rose’s world princess puzzleimg_7580

Luca’s collection of dragon paper air planesimg_7578

Also this month we’ve touched a bit into Exploring Nature with Children – especially enjoying reading the poems and looking up the artwork that is paired with each week.


Luca spent about 30 minutes whittling with his pocket knife on a little willow branch. But I could hold this memory in my mind’s eye forever…img_7536 img_7535

Checking out the winter beach – always magical finds.icey-beach

Enjoying a brief hike up into the Northumberland forest with the whole family.

img_3697 img_3678

Some other lovely books we enjoyed:


My boy band:drums-and-guitar

Loved this moon phase craft that we did at our library hour:img_3667

Rosie playing the addition, subtraction gameimg_3591

Our usual:img_7530

There is maybe nothing better that Luca likes creating then weaponry! Thank goodness for duct tape!img_7526 img_7528 img_7524 img_7523

Flags are also always a hitimg_7520

Remi checks out our growing rocks that Aunty Lua gave us for Christmas – they turned out so beautiful!img_7594 rock-crystals

Another great library project – mini constellation peek holesimg_7574

Rose loves to take pictures on my phone:roses-photots





Adventures in homeschooling – December 2016

December! The month of so many strings coming together, the making of sweet delights, the giving of ourselves in love and gratitude, the hustle and bustle, the late night magic making and the early days with twinkle lights and coffee.  Homeschooling in our home isn’t necessarily the time spent working through a math book or spending allotted time learning our letters (although that happens here and there), but looks more like the spending of time together making cookies, playing Uno, stealthily moving through the house as ninjas or joining together in the search for just the right Christmas tree – basically the gathering of days together in exploration. This month we did a lot of gathering. Gathering with friends, gathering in the kitchen, gathering together at night to snuggle under our blankets after reading. There is nothing else in this world that we would rather do.

A Japanese inspired meal including kimonos, a low table made of laundry baskets, a scrap board, some great dragon fabric from my stash, some homemade chicken (from leftovers – yeah!) fried rice and a couple of kid-style chopsticks! Worth the effort.


img_7281 img_7276 img_7279 img_7282


Listening to your spouse : Sandy had this idea that the kids might love making a number chart and counting the leftover pole bean seeds from our fall harvest. I thought this sounded like the most boring activity ever! Boy was I wrong! The kids literally spent hours sorting the seeds, making their number charts and counting, counting, counting! It was a lesson learned for all involved!

img_7294 img_7260 img_7308 img_7311 img_7309 img_3228


Snowflake making, geometry and multiplication go hand-in-hand

img_3168 img_3172 img_7364 img_7261


Remi turns 3!!! He also had his first Preschool Christmas concert (we think he was a dog?), which he wasn’t too pleased about (basically all of the singing and smiling part)… but he did love meeting Santa!

img_7318 img_3284 img_3289


It would not be December without cookie making! Here the kids are making chewy ginger bread – complete with ninja attire.

img_7246 img_7247 img_7290


Rose and I had a wonderful mother/daughter outing to Snow White the Panto! Luca and Rose at the first sledding of the season (Remi cried in the car), an arsenal of snowballs awaiting Sandy’s return home and one happy chicken (our chickens hate the snow).

img_3269 img_3257 img_3304 img_3265


This is where I store most of our homeschool supplies – although I wish it was three times as big! Our favorite things are the letter writing supplies, the games, the Childcraft encyclopaedia, the kids journals, the microscope and the art supplies tucked in every corner! . Luca enjoyed a few moments with the knitting needles this month and maybe someday soon we’ll do more . Family Uno . Rose as a magical being

img_7265 img_7326 img_7327 img_7286 img_3295


The making of many things . Badges designed by the kids to aid in adventuring with their Grandpa Bill – lots of different levels to achieve (swimming, fishing, birding to name a few)

img_7296 img_7373 img_7375


Finding our tree! Notes to Santa and his reindeer and the kids on Christmas eve opening their traditional Christmas ornament and wearing their new jammies.

img_7189 img_7376 img_3320


And lastly, but not least (even though this will be our last!), we share our news of the tiniest Flindall joining us in July 2017! Just more to love!







Our Adventures in Homeschooling – September

Although I’ve always known we’d be on the path to homeschooling, this year we really got down to business and made a commitment to this way of life. Our kids Luca (age 7), Rose (age 5) and Remi (age 2) explore life and learn every day through reading, imagination, play, and time spent together and with our community. We are documenting our experience here. Enjoy!


Our Weekly Chalkboard : Every week I write our plan for the week. The kids often enjoy adding in their own ideas and following along as the week goes by.


A few of the books we’ve enjoyed this month: Island of the Blue Dolphin (Luca and Rose documented this one in their journals), the vintage set Childcraft Children’s Encyclopedia (which we had when we were young and are still so great!), Little House on the Prairie books (theses are so wonderful, peaceful and beautifully illustrated) and Home Grown (for mama!)





Homemaking : Rose helping with pie baking and Remi helping with the tomato sauce process. Measuring, math and homemaking skills abundant. The kids also really enjoyed making lavender sachets. Drawing our their patterns, pinning, cutting, sewing and filling with lavender.






Art and Crafting : Luca and Rose loved creating these masks from the Childcraft Encyclopedias. A few of Rosie and Luca’s drawings, including Rose’s own design of her birthday cake!







Journaling : The kids and I really enjoy a practice called “Document Each Day”.  We draw a simple picture of something from our day, maybe it is something that just happened, maybe a favorite memory from the morning, or even a feeling in the moment and what we see. I usually put a little text with it to further remember that moment and what was going on.







Luca was really enjoying creating shields in his journal this week



St. Peters : Remi is attending a pre-school at a local church around the corner from us. He goes two mornings a week and this really helps me be more present on those mornings with the older two kids. Here he is on his first morning. He loves it to say the least!


Letter Writing : We have a box just for letter writing. We try and write a letter and post it every week. Sometimes the letter is to Grandmama and Grandpapa in KS, sometimes it is to their cousins in CO and KS, sometimes it is to a friend in town (which we’ll hand deliver).  Sometimes it is a “Bon Voyage” letter to Meme and Grandpa Bill to go with them on their travels to Ireland and Hungary!



Nature Time : This month we worked on gathering and preparing a box of nature findings for our Nature Pal Exchange. We were paired with a family from Saskatoon and really enjoyed gathering finds along the beach, in the park and especially in our favorite place: Peters Woods. The kids loved using the guidebook as we walked the trails and later used it to identify and label our findings.













Outings : We have a wonderful Homeschooler’s Library Hour every week. We also get out to our beach at least weekly!








Go Where The Love Is

Hello friends and family!

We are in the dead of winter up here in Canada. The snow has come in deep folds and drifts, our walks are short and brisk and I’m starting to dream of those warm summer nights just like everyone else! But we aren’t done with this season just yet, so I am sharing with you two of my favorite things that are bringing me through these cold days…

1. Journaling

Time is a sparse and fleeting thing around here while we homeschool our three children. But when I do have a quiet moment (or a chaotic one alongside my little artists!), I love spending time journaling. I try and capture my kids conversations, some of their favorite words of the day, and their imaginative play. Along with my own doodles and ideas forming with pen, pencil and my favorite Faber Castell markers, spending time with this sort of expression is beautifully freeing and grounding. It brings me right into the moment and I love that. Lately I’ve been enjoying creating little boxes of simple images and filling them with bold colors as you will see below. Sometimes I only have a block of five minutes before the next little one is needing attention, so this sort of simplistic documenting through art and journaling is great way to connect the dots of the day without having to devote an entire hour or two. Although I wish I had an extra hour to myself (or ten!), feeling like I’ve captured a little bit of our life together is rewarding.

2. Dancing

What better way to warm the body, mind and soul than by dancing through these winters days.
I have been dancing my whole life, having trained as a classical ballet dancer and later teaching as a second career. But when the babies started arriving, getting to the studio became harder to manage. But I’m so thrilled to announce that I am back at it! Two other local dance professionals and I have formed a new dance company called the Northumberland Contemporary Dance Collective. See and Like our Facebook page here:


We meet weekly to rehearse and are slowly developing a repertoire that we are excited to share in our first performing gig this Valentine’s Day! (Insert shameless self-promotion). We will be performing a community inspired piece about the many facets of love called
Go Where The Love Is
. It is part of the Green Wood Coalition’s Imaginate – An Evening of Possibilities. It will be a wonderful night of Ted-Talks inspired performances, music, interviews, local food and drink and dance! It is happening this Saturday evening at 7:30pm at Trinity College School in Port Hope. See the lovely poster and link below to purchase tickets for this wonderful community cause:



Members of the Northumberland Contemporary Dance Collective during a radio interview.
Left to right, Katie Flindall, Rebecca Baptista and Stephanie Booth.

NCDC rehearsing Go Where The Love Is

During rehearsal of Go Where The Love Is, NCDC using a small children’s table prop to represent

community dinners and how we can connect with each other through meals together.

Thank you all for your continued support of my art in each and every form.

Stay warm, stay in love and keep be in touch,



Community Art – Thank you!

Studio Tour 2014 was a wonderful experience for me! Thank you to the local and not-so-local (Paris France!) folks who came out and supported the arts in our community! Speaking of community, many people who stopped by added their colors and words to one or a few small blocks of wood for a community art project. Today I arranged the pieces into a swirl of one combined piece. Let us call it “Better Together”.  Enjoy the pictures of the finished art installation.

Memories of Studio Tour goers both young and old leaning over the table engrossed in a creation of their own… that is what will stay in my heart. Thank you!

IMG_7134 IMG_7135 IMG_7136 IMG_7139 IMG_7142 IMG_7143 IMG_7144

Peaches and Cream

If only I could gather every moment. Every laugh and tear, every joke, every first climb up the stairs, every watchful stare, every bounce and run….every breath during sleeping dreams. There are so many moments to gather. I want to hold each marker drawing of my son’s smiley faces close and remember the hand brushing over the paper. I want to cup my hand over my daughter’s head and feel her soft curls ever curling and breezy. I want to hear the giggles and first baby words my littlest son, as life makes him bubble over. But the days are fleeting….the summer is drawing to a close. Autumn in quietly making her steady approach. It is ever so as a Mother. You want to stop time. Stay where you can always hear your children’s laughter. So I’m gathering the memories and tucking them away in my heart. Trying my best to live in the now, right where they are.


Remi’s first peach


If only I could hear what they were saying.