New Art! . New Booth!

This year I’m changing things up. For almost ten years I’ve enjoyed my corner booth in the Lions art tents at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival. But this year I’m changing things up and opening up a sparkling new booth in the Rotary tents! I’m going to miss the breeze off the lake, but I’ve been having a lot of fun designing a whole new booth and new paintings to hang in it too! Here are a couple of new pieces that I’ll be bringing next weekend!

Baby Love

“Baby Love”

The Owl Field

“The Owl Field”

Lion Parade

“Lion Parade”

Making a Fairy Door

I am joining forces with the fairies! And sometimes with the amount of dishes and laundry edging me out of house and home, I wish I could do just that! But maybe this wee door that I’ve been painting will do just the trick and tuck me away in a magical little world for a small vacation!

This is the Homes, Gardens, Music and Fairy Door Tour! Check it out:

Here are some moments in the process of Fairy Door creation! With compliments to Meghan Sheffield for her serious camera skills!

IMG_5594 IMG_5610 IMG_5617 IMG_5640 IMG_5645 IMG_5651 - Version 2 IMG_5659 IMG_5661 - Version 2 IMG_5681


Let Them Play . Tree Houses

The following artwork is from my recent show of tree houses called “Let Them Play”.  The opening was at Impresario Artisan Market in Cobourg, ON. Thank you for all of my family and friends who attended! You made the event so special! Many of these original works are for sell. If you see something that catches your eye, just let me know and I can send you more info. I will also be making cards and limited edition prints of these pieces.

A Star for You

Wing Chair


Chickens on Top


Badger Dreams

Apple Blossoms (SOLD)

Busy Bees


Starry Nest

Out on the Line

Monarch Children

Make Believe

In My Head


Fly Away

Play by Day

Dream by Night

Crow’s Nest

Let Them Play





There and back again

I’ve been sorting through clothes this week and came across Luca’s first Halloween costume. A little elephant was he! I held it up to Roes and realized I better get her into it now and have a pre-Halloween photo shoot! These kiddos of mine really look alike! Sometimes we can’t tell their pictures apart! Here is Luca in the elephant ears (around 6 months) and after is Rose (at a healthy 4 months!). Love my little circus!

Day 20: City

No city for me these days….but I’m pretty sure I’d find one if I kept on driving down this road!

Rose and I spent a nice hour driving around the hills of Northumberland a couple days ago. Rose having a much needed nap with the motion of car like a little ship at sea and me loving the quiet time watching the hills and woods roll by. This part of Ontario is really rather lovely and reminds me a lot at times of Vermont. The hills can be quite large and the fields curving over those hills in such a beautiful long sweep. Little pockets of woods and grass land dabble the view. There is something peaceful about this land. Thank goodness there is no city here.

Day 19: Light

Nothing lights up my life like my little baby Rose. Here in Canada in the last leg of winter, I’m always so glad to have the sun steaming in. I move Rose into the light and she is so happy! No curtains or blinds on the windows on a sunny day! In fact, I’m rather annoyed by the whole curtain thing anyway! Privacy is nice, but I also feel so shut off from the world behind closed windows and doors. Let the light in!

Day 18: Grow

This is from one of those fun photo booths popping up at wedding! Here my sister Betony and I are both quite pregnant at my brother Jonathan and Lua’s wedding. I love that Bet and I are growing our bellies nice and round, the little ones (now Rose and Harriet) are growing inside as little babies should, and that my brother and Lua are growing into a new part of their lives together. Grow. What a beautiful thing.

Day 15: Food

I found these cookies at Queenies bakery in Port Hope, ON….and they took me right back to my childhood! Sugary crispy frosting and shortbread-like cookie. So good! The lovely whale background is a beautiful tea towel that my sister sent me. Seemed like a good fit!