Day 13: Favorite Memory

There are so many favorite memories for all of us. But there are some times when we love remembering certain moments. Because in the present, it’s that moment, that we most long for. That moment for me is to be with my sisters. We are standing on my parents deck overlooking the Kansas prairie at sunset in this picture…but I would take any place or time – if we were just together. One lives in KS City and one lives in Colorado – very far from Cobourg, Ontario. I want so badly to be able to walk down the block and stroll into one of their kitchens…maybe we would make lunch together, fold laundry or sit on the back porch and chat. But for now we have to make due with connecting over the phone. And we do. I’m so grateful that I can call my sisters…that we are close. I can call and laugh, or sometimes cry and that that is ok. I’m so lucky to have these beautiful women in my life. Incredibly lucky!

Now just wait until I tell you about my brothers….!

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