Flutterby May

Although I’ve always known we’d be on the path to homeschooling, this year we really got down to business and made a commitment to this way of life and we’re so glad we did! Our kids Luca (age 8), Rose (age 5) and Remi (age 3) explore life and learn every day through reading, imagination, play, and time spent together and with our community. We are documenting our experience here. Enjoy!

We celebrate May Day every year and part of that ritual of Spring and gladness is our secret adventuring around town delivering May Baskets! My dad always made a May Basket for my mom and later on all of us kids every year.  Later we kids joined in on the fun and left May Baskets secretly for our grandparents and friends.  I love carrying on this tradition with my kids – creating the baskets, filling them with flowers, loading up the car or bike and heading out to our deliveries.

I especially love watching the kids run up to their friend’s houses – on a secret and lovely mission

We led the Library Friends group with a May Pole dance – although the end product was mostly a wonderful jumble of twisted ribbon, it was the act of being outside together celebrating an ancient rite of Spring that felt so good.

Our theme this month was bugs!  We explored the life cycle of a butterfly and created lots of paper butterflies which we used to create some lovely displays.

Luca’s journal entry on Metamorphosis

Rose’s Journal

Remi’s butterfly mask creation!

And lastly, bug month wouldn’t be complete without a butterfly war! That’s what is happening here… later became very exciting!

Rose’s dance recital!

This is us trying to get a family photo…

As good as it gets!

The usual look of our living space

Rose creating her own iPhone

With a little help from mama… those apps are tiny! There is more visual detail on the front of an iPhone than you realize!

Rose coloring Easter eggs and May Day cards for her friends

Coloring on a board that we used to experiment with our wood router

Doing a bit of math in the Brain Quest workbook

Creating a map of our back yard for a future zip line!

Working on a medieval spear

Using Bingo Bugs and our Alphabet Poster

Luca’s latest Lego Mindstorm creation

Creating a world in Minecraft

Playing a new game from Grandmama – Engineering Ants

Learning Settler’s of Catan for the first time – he is a huge fan!

Sleeping Queens card games is still a favorite

Adventuring in the car

Peterborough park

Watching the baby ducks

Exploring an old railroad track – we found a snake too!

Enjoying the Silver Bean Cafe

Phases of the moon

Our deck in the spring time sun is our favorite place

Taking care of the seedlings

Creating a poster for the Library Friends farmer’s market!

“Salad” bags filled with grass and flowers for the market

Getting the register ready for sales

At the market… it was super fun, even though these guys look a little unsure.

Out at the courts!

Rose in her summer soccer gear

Luca got onto the rep soccer team this year and is loving it!

I spent a few months going to an art class – learning to paint more realistically which was a pretty drastic difference from my usual work.

“One Morning in Maine” as bedtime reading