Late night stars

Most nights I’m ready for bed before the little ones are. By the time dinner gets cleaned up, bath time has gotten a good amount water on the floor, pjs are on and bed time books have been read…I’m pretty much a goner. To bed that is. But every now and then I get this magic energy surge. Last night it happened. Rose, Luca and Sandy were all breathing softly in sleep upstairs and I was standing outside staring up at the moon. I hadn’t done that in so long! Just stood outside, in the dark, alone at night watching the clouds fly over the moon. A solitary mother for a moment. Quiet. Nothing. Sigh.

I used to spend a lot of time roaming my family farm in Kansas at night. Through the small forests of trees and over the quiet prairie. I always loved coming back home after those dark walks and seeing the lights of our home lighting the night. Looking up and seeing my mother at the window doing dishes. Only now do I think I have a guess of what she was feeling. How dishes never end, little ones  asking, asking, asking…

After watching that moon last night I came backside with a quiet heart. I worked on my Zodiac pieces, adding their constellations to wooden disks and painting on hundreds of little pin point dots for stars. It was quiet. I then did the dishes…a lot of them. And went to bed beside my little Rosie.

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