Peaches and Cream

If only I could gather every moment. Every laugh and tear, every joke, every first climb up the stairs, every watchful stare, every bounce and run….every breath during sleeping dreams. There are so many moments to gather. I want to hold each marker drawing of my son’s smiley faces close and remember the hand brushing over the paper. I want to cup my hand over my daughter’s head and feel her soft curls ever curling and breezy. I want to hear the giggles and first baby words my littlest son, as life makes him bubble over. But the days are fleeting….the summer is drawing to a close. Autumn in quietly making her steady approach. It is ever so as a Mother. You want to stop time. Stay where you can always hear your children’s laughter. So I’m gathering the memories and tucking them away in my heart. Trying my best to live in the now, right where they are.


Remi’s first peach


If only I could hear what they were saying.


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