What our life looks like 98% of the time

I come across blogs about other homeschoolers that are just so beautiful! The children are all nestled around the harvest table, lovely books spread across the old barn planks, a pot of tea, candles burn with a peaceful glow – in the background there is a shelf with nature findings, a globe, a succulent garden orb and books for every subject lined up by color. The many children round the table are each immersed in their projects – writing lovely characters on a real slate, drawing a detailed diagram of the water process, and one is even reciting poetry out loud!  Frankly the picture is a work of art. I have nothing against any of this beauty, but in truth these are curated pictures and no one lives like that all the time.  I will be the first to admit that I also curate my pictures. I adjust the color. I asked my kids to hold this or that and smile! And usually what you see in my pictures is just a tiny glimpse of our space – but just outside the frame is where I shoved the giant pile of laundry aside.  We are not perfect. No one is.  The following un-edited pictures are what our homes looks like 98% of the time. Enjoy and relax!